Featured Clothing Designer - Val Vardy

Featured Clothing Designer Violet Snow Custom Fabric

Val has been collaborating with Violet Snow Custom Fabric since day one! Most of you might recognize her as one of the Admins of our Facebook group, as she is constantly assisting, commenting and posting. She.is.AMAZING! Her role with VSCF began within our Creative Group, a group of TOP KNOTCH clothing designers that take our fabric to the next level with their designs - from leos, to dresses this girl has made them all!
Vals passion and genuine love for the art of sewing is a breath of fresh air and we are incredibly blessed and honored to partner with her. Make sure to check out her creations!
"Hi! I’m Val Varady, owner of Original V Squared Handmade! My small shop is focused on compliant children’s clothing made from mostly custom fabrics! My business is my passion, but I also work full time as a Laboratory Manager and have 2 little girls (age 2 and 5 months) that keep me busy! I have been sewing for around 20 years and I have a passion for all things pretty. 
My passion began when I grew tired of seeing my daughter in the same clothes five other kids at daycare were wearing; so I decided to start sewing for her when she was about 9 months old.
In March of 2018 I opened my shop to a very small, selective group of friends who wanted in on the cute, unique clothes and then to the public in July of that same year! I love buying small quantities of custom fabrics and creating custom, mostly one of a kind pieces for kids of all ages! Violet Snow Custom Fabrics are the most chosen fabrics in my shop, and for good reason! These fabrics are always the cutest!
You can find my shop VIP group on Facebook! Original_V_Squared Handmade or on Instagram"
- Val Vardy
Are you, or do you know a phenomenal designer that loves Violet Snow Custom Fabric? Shoot us an email to nominate them to be featured in one of our upcoming rounds! 

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