Featured VSCF Creator - Amanda Liz!

Featured Clothing Designer

 From the team at Violet Snow:

Simply put, Amanda is AMAZING! In fact, we are pretty sure she is secretly Wonder Woman. From homeschooling 3 kiddos to setting trends, her work absolutely JAW DROPPING! Amanda is a great mentor, and supporter of Violet Snow. You We are incredibly blessed to have her on the team and hope you admire her as much as we do <3 


 My name is Amanda, and I live in Alabama (born and raised Texan, though!) where I home school 3 of my 4 kiddos. My 4th child is only 4, so I just try to keep her out of trouble most days.

I got my first sewing machine when I was around 16 years old, but I really didn’t sew much until I had my 2nd son in 2010. A friend taught me how to quilt, and I loved it. I then started dress making in 2016 when my daughter was a year old. I still remember that first dress and how I told myself that I would NEVER make a dress again. Well, 3 years later and I sew every day.

I’ve now branched out to sewing for myself and my 3 sons. I love how sewing challenges me as I am always learning something new! It is also the one thing that is “usually” stress free for me, because stress free is often hard to come by when raising 4 kiddos.

A few months ago I decided to finally take my friends’ advice and start selling dresses. Being part of Violet Snow's strike and pattern testing has kept me pretty busy, but you can still follow my work on my facebook page, Wildflower Child Boutique

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