Pattern Hack – Creating A Child’s Cozy Hoodie Dress


Kristen Bunch
January 17, 2022
Skill Level: Beginner to Confident Beginner
If you’ve never done a pattern hack before, this dress requires a simple adjustment to swap a neckband for a cozy hood. Plus, pockets!
Gather Supplies:
  • Pattern
    • This Hoodie Dress is a combination of two patterns, both from Ellie and Mac – Child’s Be Independent Dress and Child’s Be Creative Hoodie
  • Fabric - This pattern is designed for knit fabrics
    • Cotton Spandex or Athletic Knit are great for a little more structure. Bamboo Spandex or Ribbed Knit work well for a more draped, flowy look. 
    • For the featured dress (size 5), I used Cotton Spandex.
      • 1 Medium Sized Panel in Snowy Sleep – I was able to squeeze a size 5 Front out of a medium panel, however if doing a larger size, you may want to use a Large Sized Panel
      • 1 Yard Main Print in Princess Silly Faces
      • 1 FH Solid (for hood lining – you could also use your main print)
  • Cutting Mat & Rotary Cutter
  • If you don’t have these, that’s okay – you can use fabric scissors. A Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter just make measuring and cutting a little faster and easier
  • Straight Pins and Quilting Clips
    • Used to hold your pieces together while sewing
  • Iron and Ironing Board/Mat
    • For pressing (as desired) 
  • Sewing Machine / Serger 
    • Used to assemble your pattern
    • I used a serger to assemble this dress; however, a zig zag, triple stitch, or double needle can be used on a sewing machine. These stitches are great for knit fabrics as they allow the fabrics to stretch without popping seams
  • Print and assemble your pattern pieces 
  • Cut fabrics – for this Hoodie Dress, you should have the following pieces for each pattern:
    • Be Independent: All pattern pieces except the Neckband (Front, Back, Pocket, Pocket Bands [2], Sleeves [2])
    • Be Creative: Front Bodice Top (not shown), Back Bodice Top (not shown), Hood [2 main, 2 lining]
- In order to attach the Be Creative Hood correctly, we need to adjust the front and back necklines. Using the Be Creative Front Bodice Top, align the pattern at the shoulder seam of the Be Independent Front. Remove the extra fabric from the neckline following the Be Creative Front Bodice neckline. Repeat with the Be Creative Back Bodice Top and Be Independent Back.

  • Attach the Pocket Bands to the Pocket. Topstitch as desired
  • Attach finished Pocket to Front – baste bottom and sides in place
  • Fold top edge of pocket inward and pin in place. Topstitch across the top of the pocket
  • Attach Front and Back at the shoulders, right sides together
  • Open the Front and Back pieces and attach the Sleeves, right sides together. (I start by pinning the middle and working my way out to fit the arm cycle)
  • Attach the side seams from the sleeve to the bottom of the dress, right sides together, to complete the bodice. 
  • HOOD
    • Attach the main hood pieces and lining hood pieces, right sides together. 
    • Attach the main Hood to the lining Hood at the front edge. Turn right side out. Topstitch front edge, if desired.
    - Attach the Hood to the dress bodice, starting at the back middle. Overlap in front according to the pattern instructions
  • The last step is to hem your dress. You will have the sleeves and the bottom edge of the dress to finish. If you do not have access to a coverstitch machine, you can finish your edges by serging them using a serger or using a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine. This helps prevent your fabric from curling and helps it lay flat for hemming. Fold the finished edge under with wrong sides together. Press with iron if desired. Hem using your preferred stretch stitch. Press finished hem as desired.
     Congratulations on your cozy Hoodie Dress! We would love it if you would share it in or Facebook group Violet Snow Custom Fabric Insiders Group

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