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Ok..... So, I don't know about all of you awesome people..... but in my house, Fall starts around this time. Not the weather exactly, but the itch to start planning my obsessive and sometimes, interesting, Halloween and Fall decor. It is 110 degrees outside today, giver or take a few degrees. Yuck!!!  And I am OVER IT. In the spirit of Fall, Halloween, all things amazingly witchy..... pumpkins are my favorite decor. I used VSCF's, Everyone Scream, Somethings in the wind, and our Eat Me fabrics in woven to make these bad boys! Without further ado.... CHECK.THESE.OUT!!! Don't laugh (hahaha) ok, go ahead and laugh. I did. 
This, to me, is adorable!!! In a 70 year old type of way. But I thought to myself..... I can make it not so "old lady" with super cute scraps of fabric. and minimal supplies. And the best part, no sewing involved. I would rate this as a 5 on the scale of difficult being a 10, and like sharpening a pencil is a 1. For most people..... it should only take like an hour to do what I did. It took me 3 and a half! Hahaha!! Here is what went down. LOL.
Cast of characters, pictured above: corks (for the stems), twine, foam balls (any and all sizes of balls will work. Hahaha!) Sorry I am a 12 year old boy, I swear. Hot glue gun, glue sticks, scissors or sheers, and a butter knife (or skewers will work) and scrap fabric.You should probs put down some kind of protection like a cutting mat, (we have these large self healing RTS that are AMAZING check and currently on sale with free shipping check those out them out HERE) but since my kids already destroyed our table I choose the latter ;)  If you want to get spicy, and have little pumpkin decor items already in your house like I did, you can try to spruce those up too. I believe that may be where I went off track, but more on that later. Okay!! So we start with the foam ball. 
I started with the smaller of the two that I bought, and smushed down one end of it so that the bottom is flat. Easy, right? So far, so good!! Next, you get the cork, or actual stem if you are super woman, and something to make the stem of the pumpkin. Push that bad boy into the foam a bit. Then, you get your knife/skewer/pencil, whatever you got on hand to make these neat little lines. 
So right about here, it should look like this!!
Now, you get however many scrap fabrics you want. I kept with the Halloween theme, because, duhh. but really, whatever tickles your fancy. Cut them into strips, making sure there is enough from top to bottom. And then, with your handy dandy butter knife, you get the flat edge. And then just push that fabric down into the foam! So we got something like this...
Pretty darn simple!! Then, you just keep doing that all the way around!! Pin it in place if you need to, the fabric will move a bit. Totally fine!! Just keep pushing that ish into the foam ball. 
See?!?! Adorbs!!! Now, get your cork and hot glue gun! And glue that bad chicken into it's hole you made earlier.
Once your cork is inn place, leave that bad boy the way it is, because I tried to make mine look like the cute little picture I found online. It turned out a little odd, but whatever. Maybe you like that kind of thing. Now... get your twine. Or yarn. Whateva you want that will work. Excuse the gunky rust hot mess on my hot gule gun, this thin has seen some stuff but it still works and I love it, ok? Anyway, hot glue those down the sides in between the little cracks. And you end up with this!!
HAHA!!! See what I mean about the stem?! Whatever, it was my first time! LOL. Ok, so another way to do these, I suppose.... but do not recommend... is sprucing up your old pumpkin decor you have on-hand already. For this, you need less supplies, but a LOT more hot glue. Do not burn yourself like I did. And be careful for your nails!!
See what I mean?! Lots of freaking glue. EVERYWHERE. And this way is not as forgiving as the other way, you can't just push the fabric into the foam to fix little mistakes.... but you'll figure that out. Then you just glue and glue and glue and trim and glue some more. Do the same damn thing with the twine/yarn substance, and voila!!!
As you can clearly see, there is glue/twine/crap all over the place, and I am sure from far away this little guy could look cute. Go ahead and laugh!! But there you have it. No-sew, scrap fabric pumpkins. Almost 4 hours later. Honestly.... totally worth it IMO. 
Good luck guys, there is a lot you can do with something like this..... and I am sure easier ways to do it too!! HAHA!! 
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Xoxo - Krissy 

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