Sewing with Ribbed Knit – Comfy Lounge Sweater to Start the New Year

Kristen Bunch December 30, 2021

Skill Level: Beginner to Confident Beginner

I don’t know about you, but my word for 2022 is comfort, and what better way to start it off than with a loose-fit lounge sweater featuring dreamy VSCF ribbed knit! The best part about this sweater is that it is a quick, simple sew, and the end result gave me a comfortable and one-of-a-kind look!


Gather Supplies:

  • Pattern
    • The pattern used for this lounge sweater was the Adult Oversized Tee from Ellie and Mac. I love this pattern because it is so versatile with an infinite number of ways to mix and match different necklines (crewneck, boatneck, or hooded), hemlines (cropped, banded, drawstring, or hemmed), and styles (sleeves, cuffs, pockets). So many options for just one pattern!
    • For this particular lounge sweater, I used the following options:
      • Neckline: Banded Boatneck
      • Hemline: Long Drop Hem Shirt Length
      • Sleeve: Longsleeve with Cuffs
  • Fabric - This pattern is designed for knit fabrics
    • Cotton Spandex or Athletic Knit are great for a little more structure. Bamboo Spandex or Ribbed Knit work well for a more draped, flowy look
    • For this lounge sweater, I used Ribbed Knit in the Violet Snow 50th Celebration Blue Iridescent Sparkling Tie Dye
    • This pattern calls for approximately 2 yards. With a little bit of fussy-cutting and piecing, I was able to squeeze this sweater out of one yard and a couple scraps of Violet Snow Purple Bokeh and Hearts Coord to complete the sleeve cuffs; however, this only works for non-directional prints
  • Cutting Mat & Rotary Cutter
  • If you don’t have these, that’s okay – you can use fabric scissors. A Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter just make measuring and cutting a little faster and easier
  • Straight Pins and Quilting Clips
    • Used to hold your pieces together while sewing
  • Iron and Ironing Board/Mat
    • For pressing (as desired) 
  • Sewing Machine / Serger 
    • Used to assemble your pattern
    • I used a serger to assemble this sweater; however, a zig zag, triple stitch, or double needle can be used on a sewing machine. These stitches are great for knit fabrics as they allow the fabrics to stretch without popping seams
    • Additionally, I added to some simple embroidery detailing to my pieced-together sleeves (#37 in the image below), which is featured on some sewing machines.


  • Print and assemble your pattern 
  • Cut fabrics – for this lounge sweater, you should have a front bodice, back bodice, boatneck neckband, 2 sleeve cuffs, and 2 long sleeves (since I didn’t have enough yardage, my sleeves were pieced together. Instead of cutting on the fold I added an additional ¼” at the fold line and cut out 4 pieces. If you do this, make sure two of these pieces are mirrored)


  • Attach the shoulder seams of the front and back bodice pieces, right sides together. Sew using your preferred stretch stitch.



  • If you are piecing your sleeves together, attach 2 mirrored pieces of the sleeve together using your preferred stretch stitch. Repeat for the other sleeve. If not piecing the sleeves, skip to the next section

  • For the next step, I added some embroidery stitching to the sleeve seam and the shoulder seam of the bodice. To do this, align the seam allowance under the needle and align the seam edge ¼ inch to the right of the needle. (NOTE: Before performing this step, I would test your stitching on a scrap piece to make sure it gives you the desired design and look). If needed, press seams after embroidery is complete


  • Attach the sleeves to the bodice via the arm cycle. If creating the pieced sleeves, be sure to align the embroidered seams.

  • Sew the neckband together to create a continuous circle, right sides together
  • Attach the neckband to the bodice. Topstitch and press, if desired. 
  • Sew the sleeve cuff together to create a continuous circle, right sides together. Repeat for the other sleeve cuff.
  • Attach sleeve cuff to the sleeve


  • The last step is to hem the bodice. If you do not have access to a coverstitch machine, you can finish your edges by serging them using a serger or using a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine. This helps prevent your fabric from curling and helps it lay flat for hemming.
  • Fold the finished edge under with wrong sides together. Press with iron if desired. Hem using your preferred stretch stitch. Press finished hem as desired.

    All done! Congratulations on your comfy lounge sweater! We would love it if you would share it in our Facebook group here . 

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