Listings are for 1 Pre Order Panel. 

Pre-Order Listings TAT is between 6-12 weeks at close of round. Time is of the essence save over 20% with pre-order pricing! Panels are not guaranteed to be sold as retail items, act fast!

Approximate Panel Image Sizes:

***Image sizes may vary by up to 1/2 inch from approximation if necessary to accommodate variations in image structures (for instance, a wide image may be shorter than a narrow image)***

    • M - 6-7 inch height (commonly used as child size panel) 
    • L - 10-11 inch height (commonly used as adult panel)
    • Full - 12-13 inch height (Full yard of fabric image in the center)

Panel Fabric Cut Sizes:

    • M - 20 inches wide by 36 inches in height
    • L - 30 inches wide by 36 inches in height
    • Full - Full Yard

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