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Holy smokes we made it through 2021...  I am willing to bet if COVID-19 were a person, Lucifer himself would back down from a duel.

2020-2021 was rough to say the least. As a species, we have lost countless souls and counting to the COVID battle alone... We have been left to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and major milestones without some of those we hold dear to our hearts. We have watched the reports, heard the lies, the assumptions, and witnessed nations fall, while others unified.

These last few years will go down in history, times we will never forget filled with relentless trauma, and stories that will be passed down generation to generation.  But during the chaos, in the middle of the hurt, the endless tears, anxiety and what-ifs there is a morbid beauty behind this.  We have been given a "pause" if you will. 

Growing up my grandmother would tell us to look for the light in the middle of the darkness. As a child I was like "sure grams I'll look for the light" while I rolled my eyes and went back to what I was doing thinking she was out of her mind. I never quite understood what she meant...

Until now at 32 years old. I see the light in the proverbial darkness. Now more than ever, mankind is seeing the importance of shopping small and supporting small businesses. We are seeing an increased popularity in hobbies & trades, like sewing masks for an example, perhaps that is the so-called light in the middle of darkness. Increased support in small businesses, people learning new hobbies and/or perhaps picking up new ones. Zoom calls and virtual games. 

When this is done and over life wont go back to normal. It can't. We cant and maybe, just maybe that is the light in the COVID-19 Darkness. 



- Christin



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