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Welcome to Violet Snow Custom Fabric! We are so happy you're here! 

Check out our FAQ's below.


Q.) Can I order Pre-Order and Retail items together?

A.) We wish! Unfortunately, our system is not configured to do so (hey! we focus our art on fabrics, not tech. Have no fear, you won't be hexed or shunned for the combo purchase, however if you mix pre-order and retail together. Your retail items will be held until the pre-order shipment comes in. You also have the option of placing two separate orders.  

Cant wait? Email to request separate shipping, we will email an invoice for difference in shipping to separate the orders. Once paid, retail will ship on the next scheduled pickup day.


Q.) How often do you launch new rounds?

A.) We typically launch new rounds on the 1st of every month. The first round of the month will run through the 15th. With the next launching on the the 16th and running through the last day of the month 😊


Q.) What is your average TAT (turn around time) 

We get it, you want these dreamy fabrics in your hands as soon as you can! By preordering you're ensuring that you get your cut of these beauties shipped to you as soon as they arrive in August.
Keep in mind that ship dates are approximate and may change. If you've found other fabrics, already in stock, to go with your preorder selection, please order them separately so we can ship those items to you while stock is available

A.) Typical TAT for PRE-ORDER is 6-12 weeks. We almost always hit the ladder of the two, however, things can get tricky during busy season. 

A.) Typical TAT for RETAIL can take up to 3 days, however, we try our hardest to get retail orders out the door on their way to you within 24 hours. 


Q. Are you on Social Media? 

A. We thought you'd never ask! Yes!!! Share your creations, inspire and get inspired. We love to hear all about your experience. 


Q.) Do you have a VIP Reward Program? 

A.) We sure do! We are proud to offer a generous point system that rewards for on each dollar spent at VSCF! Rewards can be redeemed at any time! Sign up for our newsletter for inside info on double snowflake days and insider secret sales! Create an account, sign in to earn Snowflakes!! 


Q. Do you have any promos for first time buyers? 

A.) Yessss! Use code  VIOLETSNOW on your first order over $50 to save 10%!

A.) Use code FIVEONUS for $5 


Q. What is your refund policy? 

A.) In the custom fabric world all product is made to order. Check out our refund policy here! 

Q. How do I request a refund/exchange a product? 

A.)  Complete your RMA request here. Make sure you have your order number and email on hand. Your request will be reviewed within 2  (non holiday) business days. 


Q.) HELP! My question isn't listed! 

Can't find what you are looking for? Please email  we ask that you give us up to 2 business days for a response (not including weekends or holidays).