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Welcome to Violet Snow Custom Fabric! Check out our FAQ's below.

Q.) Which fabrics do you have avbl. for pre order?

Cotton Spandex 240gsm & 280GSM 95% Cotton, 5%

Spandex blend Incredible a 4 way stretch. Our Cotton Spandex is most commonly used for leggings, dresses,baby clothes, leos, or anything that requires structure. silky and smooth, topped off with an unparalleled four-way stretch and astonishing rebound. Perfect for all seasons! The Cotton Spandex is a thicker base, great for creations which require a bit more thickness/ structure. The dilettante of fabrics, our Cotton Spandex is our top seller for a good reason.  

Cotton Woven 150GSM 100% Cotton 
Our woven is soft to touch and durable, with unlimited potential. Dresses, tops, face masks, wallpaper, arts & crafts. You name it! 

Bamboo Spandex GSM Minky 200 GSM 95/25 bamboo spandex blend 
Helllllo sustainability! Because of the (almost) organic way bamboo is grown, this plant is gaining popularity among the eco-conscious people among us (who isn’t these days?). Bamboo has a natural ability to repel pests (too bad it can’t keep my ex away) and does not require any pesticides to grow and thrive, which can only be good. Bamboo is incredibly soft and the drape is stunning! Our customers rave it is as fine as silk, you know, without the shine. ;)  

Athletic Sport Knit 280 GSM 85/15 Poly Spandex Blend  
You know your favorite pair of yoga pants? The ones with jussst enough 'umpf' to suck everything in without leaving you fighting for air? Yeah this is that fabric! It’s incredible and like our Spandex is extremely versatile. Great for wicking away sweat if you're the sporty type, or just like to dry fast in the summer! 

Minky 230 GSM 100% Poly 
Our minky (aka snuggle, hey! Give me back my blanket!) is a super soft variety of fleece fabric that is very warm. Produced from 100% polyester fiber and printed with lead free, non toxic products. Commonly used for lounge products because of its soft feel, which is warm yet lightweight. Hello blankets and cozy PJs 😍 

Double Sided Minky 280 GSM 100% Poly 
Our DSM (aka fluff, cuddle & hey! Give me back my fluffy!) is like not having to choose between heads or tails! The print is only on one side of this fabric, and the other side is white... but both sides are super soft and snuggly! Perfect for blankets, quilts, hats, socks or tossing over a pile of laundry to "hide" the clutter! ;)  

Double Brushed Poly (DBP) 280 GSM 92/8 poly spandex blend 
4 way stretch, brushed both sides, approx 57" wide Incredibly soft, amazing rebound, and drape. Our DBP has also undergone a process where both sides of the fabric are brushed, creating that characteristic suede-like feel on both sides. Excellent recovery and lovely drape, making DBP an excellent fabric for tops, dresses, skirts, and our personal favorite, leggings. 

Q.) What is the difference between pre order, and retail/in stock?

Pre order fabrics are tailored to your requests. Pre order items are not in stock and are custom made to order.  The TAT is a bit longer due to the custom nature of the products.

Retail/ In Stock items are in stock and ready to ship. 
Q.) Which fabric bases do you carry in stock?
We typically only carry Woven and Cotton Spandex in stock.
Q.) How long is your average TAT?

Pre Order:  We get it, you want these dreamy fabrics in your hands as soon as you can! 
By preordering you're ensuring that you get your cut(s) of these beauties shipped to you as soon as they arrive to our headquarters and pass our through inspection process. Keep in mind that ship dates are approximate and may change. 

Typical TAT for PRE-ORDER (based off 2020 average) is 7 weeks. Please allow up to 14 weeks due to the pandemic. We almost always hit the former of the two, however, we request up to 14 weeks due to the pandemic. 


In Stock / Retail: 
 Typical TAT for in stock fabrics can take up to 3 days, however, we try our hardest to get retail orders out the door on their way to you within 24 hours. Don’t worry, we’re pretty good at it.

Q.) Can I order Pre-Order and Retail items together?

We wish! Unfortunately, our system is not configured to do so (hey! we focus our magic on fabrics, not tech). Have no fear, you won't be hexed or shunned for the combo purchase, however if you mix pre-order and retail together. Your in stock/retail items will be held until the pre-order shipment comes in. You also have the option of placing two separate orders.  

Q.) How often do you launch new rounds?
We typically launch new rounds on the 1st of every month. The first round of the month will run through the 15th. With the next launching on the the 16th and running through the last day of the month 😊
Q.) I want to be featured on your website! How do I do that?
We love showing off our customers work! Please complete this short questionnaire for consideration!
Q.) Do you have a VIP Reward Program?
A.) We sure do! We are proud to offer a generous point system that rewards for on each dollar spent at VSCF! Rewards can be redeemed at any time! Sign up for our newsletter for inside info on double snowflake days and insider secret sales! 

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Q.) Are you on social media?
We thought you'd never ask! Yes!!! Share your creations, inspire and get inspired. We love to hear all about your experience.

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Q. What is your refund policy? 
Check out our refund policy here! 
 Q.) How do I request a refund/exchange a product? 
Complete your RMA request here. Make sure you have your order number and email on hand. Your request will be reviewed within 2 general business days. 
 Q.) Do you have any promos for first time buyers?
Yessss! Use code VIOLETSNOW on your first order over $50 to save 10%! A.) Use code FIVEONUS for $5 
 Q.) Why is my order marked Partially Fulfilled?
Sometimes we get part of your order in before the rest arrives. When this happens you will see a "partially fulfilled" status in your order. Your shipment will be on its way when the rest of the order arrives (this is typically 2 days for pre orders)

 Q.) Id like to collab or I have an idea I need brought to life. Who do I contact?
Ohh! We love collaborations and hearing from our customers! Please email!
 Q.) HELP! My question isn't listed! 
Can't find what you are looking for? Please email we try to get back with every one of our amazing customers within 24 hours, however, we ask that you give us up to 2 business days for a response (not including weekends or holidays). 
 Q.) How do I check the status of when a pre order?
To learn about the lifecycle of a preorder, or for print updates check out the Print Updates page HERE


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