Pre Order Fabric Options

Pre Order Fabric Options:

Note pre order fabrics are outsourced overseas, made to order. Due to COVID restrictions TAT is between 6-15 weeks.

Cotton Spandex 240gsm and 280GSM. A 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex  blend. With a 4 way stretch.  57”W x 36”H.

Our Cotton Spandex is most commonly used for leggings, dresses,baby clothes, leos, or anything that requires structure. silky and smooth, topped off with an unparalleled four-way stretch and astonishing rebound. Perfect for all seasons! The Cotton Spandex is a thicker base, great for creations which require a bit more thickness/ structure. The dilettante of fabrics, our Cotton Spandex is our top natural seller for a good reason.

Cotton Woven 150GSM 100% cotton, approx 57" W x 37” H 

Our woven is soft to touch and durable, with unlimited potential. Dresses, tops, face masks, wallpaper, arts & crafts. You name it!


Bamboo Spandex 200 GSM 57" W x 37” H 

Helllllo sustainability. Our Bamboo is made up 95% bamboo, 4% spandex. Perfect for light weight clothing!  Best of all, because of the almost organic way the bamboo plant is grown, this plant is gaining much popularity among the eco-conscious people among us ( Who isn’t these days? ).

  • Bamboo fabric is very soft, in fact, our customers rave it is as fine as silk, you know, without the shine.
  • Bamboo has a natural ability to repel pests; So it does not require any pesticides to grow and thrive, which can only be good. 
  • Bamboo fibers do not under go much chemical processing to make the fabric ; so you can easily wear it without causing any allergic irritation to the skin.
  • Bamboo is incredibly soft and the drape is  stunning!



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