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Pre-Order purchases are NOT available for immediate shipping. Our standard TAT ranges between 5-8 weeks, up to 14 weeks due to the current uncertainties with COVID, at the close of the round. Although unlikely, there may be delays in receiving your product due to situations beyond our control. 

Due to COVID-19 we have extended our TAT to up to 14 weeks. We are proud to announce that we have not ran into this issue since Chinese New Year, which lead into the government shut down in China due to COVID-19 in Feb of 2020. We do not foresee TAT taking 14 weeks, however as a pre-caution we have temporarily changed our policy until the pandemic is over. 

Additionally, if your order is marked in the system are "partially fulfilled" this means we have a portion of your order packed and stored in our pending bay, waiting for the remaining (unfulfilled Items) to arrive from our manufacturer. If this is the case, we are happy to send the items we have in stock, however there will be an additional shipping fee to receive the partial shipment. We are happy to work with you regarding this matter. Please email to request. 

Life Cycle of a Pre-Order: 

  1. VSCF Pre Order Round Opens
  2. VSCF Pre Order Round Closes
  3. VSCF Creates Panels / personalization and prepares for print. 
  4. VSCF Creates Cut list, orders and art sent to manufacturing for print. 
  5. Manufacturing checks all files to ensure quality, invoices VSCF.
  6. VSCF pays invoice
  7. Manufacturing arranges print and cutting. 
  8. Manufacturing begins printing.  
  9. Manufacturing completes printing and manually cuts fabrics to order. 
  10. Manufacturing Ships product
  11. VSCF receives product, QC, fabrics organized and inventory completed. 
  12. VSCF shipping preps/packages orders for shipment to customers.
  13. VSCF packages are dropped off / picked up by carrier for shipment.



Last updated: 10/24/2022

All Open Pre Orders are fulfilled! New pre order launching Nov 1!


Thank you for supporting our small business! 




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