Welcome to Violet Snow Custom Fabric, below you will find information on how ordering from us works    

 Terms and Conditions     

 Fabric coloring:   

Please note that website photos and actual fabric color can vary. Our fabric is digitally printed from 300dpi photo files this produces vibrant beautiful colors. Coloring can       also vary slightly from one printing to the next as many factors come into play during the printing process. Any large variation will be considered a flaw and will be handled under our flaw policy. Color may also vary from base to base as different fiber contents will not always accept the printing process in the same manner. Please note this       when you are choosing different bases to work with on the same project. This is not within our control and is done at your risk of not being a complete match.      

 How Ordering Works:   

We are always open for ordering on the website. On the 30th of every month unless otherwise stated we will close current orders for that month.  You will also be able to    order anything run in any previous round just ask in the Facebook group, or email us @ [email protected] on how to do that!  You can keep current with what's       new and exciting  by joining us on Facebook at Violet Snow Custom Fabric. Orders will be sent to the manufacturer with in 5 days of any round closing for production.     

Multiple orders:   

With in a  round - we will make every effort to ship all orders together.   

 Continuous Yardage :   

If you would like to receive your fabric in continuous yardage for each print order in multiple yards, please make a note in the comments at Check out. We will make              every effort to provide you with continuous yardage on single designs. Do to the nature of the printing small batch orders of each design we however can not guarantee       this.    


 You may choose to check out using credit card with our Shopify credit card processer, your PayPal account      


 Once a round closes no refunds will be issued. All orders are considered custom. We only print exactly what you need and order. If you wish to cancel an order it must be    done before the 30th of the month you ordered in. There will be up to a 10% cancelation fee due to the non refundable fees to us that sales platforms are now enforcing.      

 Delivery Time:    

 TAT is 6-8 weeks, we often fall under that.  However we have no control over shipping delays and will keep you informed on the Facebook group of the status of each months orders.  Missing or flawed fabric is will be submitted with the next months order close date.  No refunds are issued for flawed or missing.  


Shipping will be calculated on your order after received, packed and weighed.  This way we can provide you the best possible rates.  (At check out you may indicate a       preferred carrier, but if a better rate is available through another carrier you are not committed to your chosen carrier) You will then pay your shipping by separate Paypal invoice.  Payment is due 24 hours after receipt. You may request additional insurance for your fabric for actual cost. You may make this request at check out by choosing  "Please Insure my order for its actual value".  Violet Snow Custom Fabric is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages once it leaves our hands.  We suggest you request insurance to cover the full amount of your purchase.  If it was sent priority as that was the least expensive route, you can only receive reprinting to the amount           that the standard priority coverage allows unless you chose to insure further. In the case of lost or damaged fabric during shipping to you, which is insured,  no refunds           are made but reprinting will be done with the next pre-order round submittal.   Free Shipping on Orders over $350 within the Continental US Non-Continental US States         and Territories and International shipping we will apply up to $30 credit to your shipping - Free Shipping does not apply to discounted bulk orders, example - Bulk custom Moondance rapports.   

Flaw Policy:    

 With any fabric it is not unusual to have a few flaws here and there, often they are small and run along the Salvage or ends of bolts, tiny speckles or feathering. Lines that      look like creases are also a possibility - usually they are superficial and will come out when washed /dried. Dirt or smudges are not considered a flaw. Compensation for         large flaws (anything larger than a quarter) will only be made by reprinting in the next round. You will need to provide photos and return fabric to us if requested. Any        missed printings will also be made up in the next round. We must be notified of flaws, or missing fabric from your order within two weeks of receipt. Once Fabric is washed       all guarantees and warranties are null and void and refunds will not be issued. International orders with flawed or missing will be given a store credit.  You may repurchase    this same designs or new ones at anytime.   

 Manufacturers recommend care procedures:     

There is no need to prewash our PUL fabric/   Machine wash warm or hot - (PUL with white laminate backing) If washing on hot water temp not to exceed 60°C/140     Fahrenheit  It is always recommended to air dry PUL.  If you choose to tumble dry do so at your own risk on low or air and only for 10-15 minutes just to remove moisture    then hang to dry. Do not iron Do not dry clean No bleach, vinegar, or oxy-type products Bleach, vinegar, and Oxy-clean products are harsh and over time can damage your    PUL. Regular or HE laundry detergent only for longer lasting PUL.      Violet Snow PUL Can withstand plenty of use and the repeated washing necessary for cloth diapers and other reusable items.   PUL should not be dried on HIGH heat in a dryer, very high air heat can cause PUL to wear prematurely, delaminate, warp or melt.   It is not         necessary to "seal" seams in PUL by drying prior to use, and this practice could potentially damage your fabric.   Line drying in the sun is always a great and the best way to naturally sanitize your diapers!   The process and materials our manufacturer use (which is also eco-friendly and green!) is why our PUL is so buttery soft and dreamy to          sew on.  Hot melt system is used to apply thin laminate to the back of printed 100% Polyester fabric.  This is also what determines the best way to care for your material          and creations.  Care instructions vary between manufacturers. For those using Violet Snow Custom Fabrics PUL in small businesses, please share these correct care    instructions with your customers.        Our PUL is CPSIA certified and GRAS (Generally regarded as Safe) for Food contact. 

 Covid-19 information –    

At Violet Snow Custom Fabric we package your materials with care and caution.  Once it leaves our hands and travels through the postal system we can give you no     guarantees as to who has handled and their COVID-19 Status/ not be held liable for such.  Anyone concerned about contracting COVID-19 from any of their mail can          protect themselves with easy steps.  Retrieve your mail with gloves on and sanitize outer package before bringing into your home.  It is estimated that Corona Virus 19 can      last on Fabric for up to two days which shipping time certainly covers.  However if you are still concerned after receiving any package, please simply “quarantine” your      package for a few more days after sanitizing the outer package.  It is your responsibility when receiving your mail to determine the steps you need to take to protect       yourself.  Please do so with any packages or mail you receive from anyone, we want to see all of you remain happy and healthy.  Here is a link the Tufts medical center for further information on caring for your mail.  https://www.tuftsmedicalcenter.org/news-events-media/news/web/covid-19/sanitizing-products     Custom Designed:   We are happy to help you make your design dreams come true!  Yardage, or panels for clothing or diapers.  No additional charge on fabric.  Bring us your files or we are happy to   design for you at no charge.  Please contact us through the Facebook group The Creative Critter Collective  for specifics on how we can do that for you.  Sign up for         Customs  is done in that Facebook group at anytime.  Request must be made and all files received by the 20th of any month to be submitted with that months production.    You will find information pinned at the top of the page and we will be happy to answer any questions!

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